Calf-A, a resturant in Dell, Montana

This week I happened to be driving by a restaurant that has always provided me a nice lunch or breakfast and excellent piece of pie on past visits.   I had my daily lunch of PBJ, fruit and veggies in my cooler, but the idea of a real meal at the Calf-A, won me over and I stopped in.


The Calf-A is located in Dell, Montana.  Dell is an exit off of I-15 as you head south to Idaho.   Dell is a small community of buildings, but not a true incorporated town, that serves the locals and travelers alike.   It has a mercantile, a couple of gas pumps, some rental cabins, has even managed to still keep their post office and of course the Calf-A.

The Calf-A was a functional school house until 1963.   It became a restaurant in 1978.   The inside still has lots of feel of the old school house.   More importantly today, is the food.   It is real food, made by the folks in the kitchen.   Their menu is small but real.   If you want variety, you get the special.  The mashed potatoes started out with skins that morning.  The burgers are made by hand in kitchen, not some ready-made patty from a restaurant supply.   One of the the most amazing things is the homemade pies.   Not just one or two kinds but usually five or six kinds.   It is hard to pick just one kind of pie to have.

I only have 30 minutes for lunch so I opted for the special, BBQ ribs, french fries and a glass of iced tea.    I was not disappointed.   The ribs were moist and fall off the bone tender.    The pies were sitting there in the cooler and I kept eying them and the clock.    The customer next to me had a piece of coconut cream with real whipped cream, I watched the cook beat to put on his pie.   I wish I’d had time to enjoy a piece, but work was calling and I was back on the road heading to my next survey site down in the Centennial Valley near the Idaho border.

If you ever happen to be driving on I-15 in southern Montana I highly recommend you make a stop in Dell for breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Calf-A.

Here is  a link to another person’s write up about the Calf-A.   They took a lot more pictures than I did and I think you will enjoy his write up as well as more pictures than I have to share. .