Hotter than Blue Blazes

Last week Lake county Montana was setting new records with heat.   Most days were in the 90’s but when I got in my truck after my last survey on Tuesday afternoon and my truck set a new high temp for the day.

That is 111 hot degrees

That is 111 hot degrees

It was probably not that warm we all know how vehicles heat up, but the bank thermometer at 7pm still said 100 so it was definitely a scorcher. Let’s hope this week the forecast for the high 70’s is right.


2 comments on “Hotter than Blue Blazes

    • It is one of those things that makes me think what the heck am I doing?? Fortunately unlike some of the kids doing this summer job, I am old enough and smart enough to slow down, drink lots and yes even pour water on myself to stay cool.

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