No Services

There are many exits in Montana marked No Services.   I get asked about this by visitors who imagine they know what it is, but have a hard time getting their mind around that a place with no services exists.


It is exactly what you imagine it is is no gas station, no convenience store with food, no bathroom (latrine or flush), no motel, or anything else.   Odds are the place doesn’t even have a post office that you can stop and ask for help.   You know all those standard blue signs you see on the interstate with the universal motorist services, well this exit  has none of that.

Even in the city I suspect that not ever exit off the interstate has services. I suspect some of them are for residential areas without services.   If you live there you know that the Oak Street exit does not have a gas station, but the Walnut Street exit has two.  The next time you visit Montana and you shake your head about all the places without services, think of as a kind of rural friendly that you don’t get in the city.   We save you the time that people who don’t know your city and get off on Oak Street looking for gas waste.