Moving Cattle

This is the time of year that ranchers move their cattle from spring lands to summer lands.    It happens after the calves have been born, branded and vaccinations have been given.    Summer lands may be leased or owned, but are generally in higher elevations away from the main homestead. It is not a great picture, but here is a photo I snapped when I ran in some cattle being moved last week.


For those of you curious about this all, the county I was in last week had just under 2,000 people.   According to data I could find they sold approximately 45,0000 head of cattle last year.    This does not include the cattle that they kept for breeding stock for this year.   If you ever wonder about the food on your table and where it may have come from, your beef may have come from one of the many cattle herds in Montana.

2 comments on “Moving Cattle

  1. Long ago, springtime meant welcoming new calves, helping if needed during blizzards, and moving to greener pastures – round-up, full of work, potluck dinner and celebrating when the work was done via visiting, singing, dancing – – I still am amazed at those who don’t realize what really took place or what had to happen for that pound of hamburger at the supermarket to be available for purchase! 🙂 (no offense, but I get my half a beef from a rancher 9 miles from me who gets up at 3 am in springtime Colorado to take care of his herd – – 🙂 But doesn’t mean I don’t get what those in Montana do… 🙂

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