Recycling Encouragement

Fox as a symbol for recycling?!#?

Fox as a symbol for recycling?!#?

In my hotel, last week, there was a hang tag with a fox on it to encourage recycling.   Really?!? Using a predator to encourage recycling what was the ad company thinking when they made this?? Have we gotten so far away from nature that people do not know that a fox is not some warm fuzzy animal.   I know that right now I am a little tainted in my view of foxes, but seriously I think that they could have found some cute “nice” animal like a rabbit or fawn.  Some sort of “helpless” creature that needs our help.   A fox for the most part is smart enough to take care of itself.

Timing is everything.   This  well-intended, well-placed reminder caused shake my head in wonder.   Not the good kind of wonder either.

3 comments on “Recycling Encouragement

  1. Oh my, TamrahJo, isn’t it something how we are often brought together with other creatures who are also suffering? Of course a fox in the henhouse is not a good thing, yet every animal has its place in this world and a purpose.

  2. Hear ya, and totally understand – but your perspective reminded me of a time in my life – when I was grieving the loss of my son – and watched as the widow (widower?) of the fox couple who were trying to survive in an area that grew up around them, paced the same stretch of road where their mate was run over – was it a month or a year ago since that happened – I couldn’t remember – Sometimes, I pulled over to the side of the road, at 2am in the morning, and cried – mourning for both of us – out pacing a dark lonely vista, searching for that which we each missed so very much to show up once more – On the other hand, that same neighborhood didn’t allow me to have chickens or other vulnerable-to-foxes domestic livestock – so there ya go – but foxes and I have sat together – while worlds apart – in the dark of the night – and I’m glad they were there – just then….:)

    • Oh I know the companionable silence that comes with foxes. We for years had a maternity den on our property and we would watch them grow, play and there mom bring them mice and voles to learn to hunt and fend for themselves. All the time that they lived there we fortunately never had a problem. It was like knowing that one another existed, but also knowing that they did not want us closer and we did not want them closer. Like you there was some kind of communication that worked.

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