Change is Frightening and Hard

As I work through the changes I have thrown myself into it has been amazing and frightening all at the same time.   This quote captures the essence of my life during this time of change.

I thought that life would immediately reveal itself to me and I would be clear where I was headed and I would quickly move in that direction.  To quote a friend of mine “Was I smoking crack?”   I am old enough and experienced enough to know that isn’t real life  Some days I struggle with this change I have made to my life and other days I am riding forward in a new direction with self-assured with no reservations.   I continue to move forward,  full of questions, second guesses, wild discoveries and affirmations about who I am. It is easier and more difficult that I imagined, but now that I have stepped off the path I have no choice but to move forward and finish what I have started.

5 comments on “Change is Frightening and Hard

  1. Try not to feel rushed or pressured to find your new course. Some things take time and self -exploration. I am starting a new job on Monday. I have been volunteering in different efforts for 3 1/2 years. It has taken time to find my new direction, but I feel good about it. I hope you have the liberty to scope out your next step. Just be patient.

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