What Next?

It is the question that I am constantly asked now that I have given my notice and I only have five days left with my employer of nearly seven years.    The honest answer is I am not sure.   I have some irons in the fire but want to make sure I make a good choice for my next job.  I have worked since my first summer job babysitting when I was just 14.    I have been a professional and had a career since I graduated in the mid 70’s.  I am driven and always find myself attracted to jobs that like an employee who is all in,  all the time.  It can be extremely rewarding to have that kind of a job, but it is  also extremely taxing personally and professionally.  For this reason the other day while driving to a meeting I debated the merit of taking the summer off and doing some temp work or possibly looking into  a summer seasonal job.  I have also considered a driving trip, taking the Lincoln Highway and exploring along the way back to the Midwest to see family.   I played with the idea of a genealogy trip to visit all the places I need to go to in person to fill in some missing holes in my family history.   I am at a sort of loose ends because for the first time I am not moving directly from one job to another. I  I am taking a chance, way outside my comfort zone.   I am looking not just where I would normally look, and not just at the jobs I would normally look at, but all the possibilities that there are out there.   Who knows what I will find, but I am taking that chance.


6 comments on “What Next?

  1. After dreaming of it for nearly 30 years, my husband and I are moving to Hawaii! The last 2 years have been soul-searching and de-cluttering…and we are close to making our dream come true! We have sold nearly everything and have a house on the island of Kauai in escrow as of last week! Fingers crossed as we embark on our next adventure…and best wishes for you, too!! #getbusyliving #dreamabigdream

  2. I have spent the last two years exploring possibilities for my next career. I have found a new field of work i love that I wouldn’t have known about previously. I have my resume out there with new volunteer experience related to this and several new references from all the time I have put in.
    I know this is a big leap of faith for you, but stick with your writing in the interim and keep exploring possible leads. You may be surprised where they take you.

  3. Durn smartphone keypad. Lol I followed my heart 3 years ago because I didnt know what else to do and didnt think I was hireable post stroke. Curently expanding biz and just hired new team member for that tiny start. 🙂 it will come to you. Enjoy a break while you decide!

  4. As someone who has worked one or two jobs at a time since she was 13 and finally 3 years ago, due to forced introspection while recovering from a stroke, I just wanted to shout encouragement over to you. Follow your heart and loves. Take stock of your abilities and experience. Take time to dream and it will definitely all appear as to “whats next” happy for you as you embark on this new path/journey! 🙂

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