Hallmark Moment with my Brother

When we think of Valentine’s Day and Hallmark moments we generally think of our spouse or partner, maybe if you have them you think of tender times with your kids or grandkids.   It isn’t usually your brother who conjures that tender moment, yet one of mine did when he sent me a Valentine.   It wasn’t just any old greeting card he picked up but one with a sentiment that pulled at my heart strings that he clearly picked out for me. .    It struck me as so true of our relationship, adult siblings.   It was a Hallmark moment and found a tender spot in my heart and made me a wee bit emotional.   I have written before how lucky I am to have the wonderful guys that they are as brothers,  and they continue to show in lots of little unexpected ways.

IMAG0467If you are a brother or a sister, take some time to call your sibling, drop them an email, comment on their blog or Facebook page, and maybe even send them something via snail mail.   I promise it will brighten their day in ways you can’t imagine.

What Next?

It is the question that I am constantly asked now that I have given my notice and I only have five days left with my employer of nearly seven years.    The honest answer is I am not sure.   I have some irons in the fire but want to make sure I make a good choice for my next job.  I have worked since my first summer job babysitting when I was just 14.    I have been a professional and had a career since I graduated in the mid 70’s.  I am driven and always find myself attracted to jobs that like an employee who is all in,  all the time.  It can be extremely rewarding to have that kind of a job, but it is  also extremely taxing personally and professionally.  For this reason the other day while driving to a meeting I debated the merit of taking the summer off and doing some temp work or possibly looking into  a summer seasonal job.  I have also considered a driving trip, taking the Lincoln Highway and exploring along the way back to the Midwest to see family.   I played with the idea of a genealogy trip to visit all the places I need to go to in person to fill in some missing holes in my family history.   I am at a sort of loose ends because for the first time I am not moving directly from one job to another. I  I am taking a chance, way outside my comfort zone.   I am looking not just where I would normally look, and not just at the jobs I would normally look at, but all the possibilities that there are out there.   Who knows what I will find, but I am taking that chance.