Time Out

I am back working full-time and then some for the month of December and January. This time is the most significant for my employer, full of critical deadlines, crazy demands and lots of things pulling at me in so many directions.   I must admit that this has taken a toll on other things I have been trying to do for the holidays at home.   My long days are more than full with lots of phone calls, deadlines and lots of computer face time.    It has left me at the end of the night struggling to fit in other things I wanted to do,  including my photo challenge.

I found myself just looking for something any thing to photograph to meet my challenge,not taking time to enjoy my photography.  I was struggling to create good light that I missed earlier that day and pleasing composition in a few minutes, because I had not planned a darn thing, or given forethought to what I might be trying to photograph as part of the daily challenge.

Slapping it together isn’t how I want to approach the photography challenge so I am calling a time out.   I will return to this later, but for now my challenge is on hiatus.

Thanks to everyone who has been stopping by to check out my photos so far.

By Diana who Looking Out the Window Posted in Odds & Ends

3 comments on “Time Out

  1. Nothing wrong with a “time out”…do what you have to do and when it’s right you’ll be back to your photography!

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