Count Down to Christmas

One of the traditions at our house is to watch a holiday DVD each day, starting Thanksgiving and ending with our last one on Christmas Day.   We have a great collection of holiday DVD’s.  We have collected them since we got a DVD player years ago.   As a result our collection is large enough that we don’t watch the same thing every year.   There are some perennial favorites that we watch nearly every year. Others make the rounds every two or three years. We try to add something to our collection each year .  We watch Amazon and the local bargain bin at the local discount stores for ones that we don’t have.Occasionally my mom will give us one to add to the collection.  So our collection continues to grow.

This is our first year without any live TV, and so we have come to realize that there are some classics that we would watch on a broadcast TV that we don’t have.   So we will add those to our list to continue to collect.

Very few in our collection are classics, but they make for nice entertainment for an evening.   They tell the same story  from different points of view. The story is always a variation of  peace on earth, let there be love, Christmas is family and goodwill to all.    A reminder for all of us this holiday season.