The Novel Is Started

Today I started my novel as planned.   It started off pretty fantastic if I do say so myself.   So far this writing my the seat of my pants has worked.   I knew a few things about my character when I started and as I have written I have found out more about her.     I am not kidding myself that every day will go so well or I will always find the so much time to write, but I am making progress.   Watch how it goes on the right side of the page.   My goal is 50,000 words by the end of the month.   Who knows if 50k makes a novel or not, but it is a target to shoot for.

No I did not start my story this way.

8 comments on “The Novel Is Started

  1. Wishing you much success with your novel. November is national novel writing month, so it’s the perfect time. I’m somewhere between a pantser and a plotter myself, but the pantser part has more fun. Off to work on my own writing today.

    • I once tried the the planning style for me I kept planning and planning for the perfect novel and never put a word down. This year it I am flying by the seat of my pants, a pantser, and it is like the characters are speaking to me as I write. I am having fun and actually pleased with how it is going.

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