Huckleberry Heaven

One of the highlights of the long trip I took last week is that it put me in in huckleberry heaven, an area of Montana where they are so plentiful if you are willing to get out your checkbook you can buy them.Local folks collect them by the gallons and sell them for crazy folks like me.    I did just that, took out my hard-earned cash, and came home with a gallon of the rare delight, huckleberries  

I had never heard of huckleberries before moving to Montana other than Huckleberry Hound and Huckleberry Finn.   Once here, like all the natives I became enamored with the fruit.     For those of you who have not experienced them here is a little primer. They are sort of like a blueberry, but they have a much more distinct fruity aroma that any blueberry.   They will create stains on any and everything, and huckleberries make the stains from blueberries, beets and black walnut skins look like amateur hour.   If you intend to pick them you need to go in twos one to pick and one to carry the bear spray.    Don’t expect anyone to take you to their spot to pick.  Spots are more sacred than a gold find and are never shared with anyone.   


Having said all that I now have five pints of huckleberry sauce that can be used on everything you can think up.   Last night it was served on ice cream.   For breakfast we had it on french toast.   Tonight we plan to have it on cheese cake.   Tomorrow a little will go on my yogurt with my granola.   There is nothing that isn’t a little better with a little huckleberry sauce.  



8 comments on “Huckleberry Heaven

  1. We have been on a trip through Wyoming the past 10 days and just bought several jars of huckleberry jam. Home in Michigan, we have lots of blueberries (I froze some before leaving on this trip) but it will be interesting to see how the huckleberry jam tastes. I actually brought someone jars of blueberry butter from Michigan! I didn’t realize huckleberries were so similar.

  2. Those look like blueberries in the picture! But I think your sauce sounds wonderful…will have to try some new and creative things with mine…but for now, they are safely stored away in the freezer!

    • They are pretty blue looking in the picture, but definitely are not like any blueberries I have picked. wild or cultivated. We were lucky to have wild blueberries at the cabin growing up and cultivated in our gardens in Minnesota.

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