Home Again

I just spent the week on the road traveling to the far corners of Montana for work.  We covered about 1800 miles in five days.   We traveled from the mountains to the prairies.   We saw our big cities and some of the remotest areas of Montana, even natives never get to.  I learned how to say the names on the map correctly.

I stopped in Opheim and could see Canada at the far end of Main Street.   I was in Plentywood just miles from the North Dakota border.    I was in Alzeda just miles from South Dakota and Wyoming, and the local bar claims to be conveniently located in the middle of nowhere.  I don’t think that they are stretching it one bit.

Now I am home again in my corner of southwest Montana.   I am thrilled to sit here in my living room ,  a space larger than a pick up cab.   Enjoying the holiday weekend that celebrates the fact I work and my blessings of home.

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