Post Vacation – Not Full of Blues

We just returned from a week vacation.   (Now you regular followers know what happened when I was MIA.)  We traveled thousands of miles in the SUV.   We saw family and friends, hiked, rafted, to tons of photos, stopped at unexpected places and saw tons of landscape.   It was wonderfully perfect.  We had no expectations and so there were no disappointments so it met all our dreams.

Now we are back home and back to work and it has been interesting.   Most of the time when you return from vacation it is with much dread of going back to the grindstone.   You are refreshed but things have piled up on your desk and inbox in your absence.   Work has gone on, decisions were made that impacted you  and now is the time for catch up.   The hiatus from work was good but reality of life was back slapping your face with both hands.  That did not happen to me this time.

For some reason this vacation happened to mesh with my reading of Life Simplified: The Minimalist’s Guide to Cutting Back and Simplifying Your Life, an Amazon kindle freebie one day I down loaded.   This book was not full of rocket science or life relevations I had not heard before.  It is a super easy read, with small sections that made good reading at night, the gas station or times I found myself waiting on something.     Reading just happened to mesh with a time I was open to being reminded of some of these principles that were tucked back in my mind not doing much good.   I think that bringing these principles back in to conscious thought is why the refresh of vacation did not immediately evaporate when I returned.  My vacation bonus, it lasted longer than one week, seven days.

I hope to share some this with you as I blog on.


One comment on “Post Vacation – Not Full of Blues

  1. We are hoping to make a trip to Wyoming later this summer and I’m really looking forward to seeing the mountains again. It’s been over thirty years! Hope you will share some of the traveling you did.

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