Four Years and Counting

I have been blogging now for just over four years.    Sometimes I feel like what I write about is a bit of a retread, and I began to ask myself had this blog run it course and it was time to move on.    I’ve spent lots of time the last a few weeks thinking about this  and have come to realize that I am going to continue share my perspective of what I see when I look out on to the window of the world.

I am in the second  half of life.  I have a whole amazing collection of experiences to draw upon now.    I think it is an interesting perspective, in that some of what happens to me is ” been there done that” and I am so much smarter now.   Yet there is much of this happening for the first time.    Those things that are happening  first time  are things, are  likely such that my decisions ware more critical in that I will have much less time to make corrections and have fewer opportunities at  re-dos.

In the second half of my life I am much more committed to somethings and willing to let other things go.   I take much more joy from life now and this reflection about my blog has reminded me to not waste my time. There is lots more to write about, and even old things may look new.   I am still passionate about life and writing.    So I hope you  will hang around on my blog for awhile longer and visit as I reflect on life as I look out the window.  There will be more stories about wrangling my backyard flock of chickens, recipes and foodie stories, photos and sharing the beauty of nature,  life with my friends and RangerSir along with reflections that come with life.


8 comments on “Four Years and Counting

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog, even if I don’t always comment. Love hearing about your pets, learning about the chickens (we raised them when I was a child) and your life in Montana. I’m 62, so I know what you mean about looking at things differently now. I’ve been writing a column called The Pet Corner (which I sometimes put on my Zeke Chronicles blog) for 12 years, and I often feel I’m writing about the same thing over and over but it has a purpose, as does your blog, and so I continue. I hope you will, too, for a long time to come. Please write about the food co-op again. I found that so interesting, because I’m fortunate enough to live in a farming area of Michigan and we take our supply of fruits and vegetables for granted. But I know that isn’t so everywhere else in our country. Congrats on writing your blog for 4 years!


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