Joy of Pets

blog-04-13I just spent the better part of the week on the road for work.   I am home again and reminded the joy of owning pets.  Each of them brings something different to the the household.   My dog brings a sense of spunkiness and a challenge of a stubborn personality.    My cat brings that that quiet acceptance.  All of it so enjoyable after a week away from it.

5 comments on “Joy of Pets

    • She came that way. She doesn’t appear to be distressed by her missing claws. I have heard stories that a declawed cat can be a biter. No so. She is very much like all other cats we have had over the years. Happy, active, likes to bat at the dog, play with things and catch bugs like you would want her to be.

  1. I was only away for 2 nights and missed my dogs terribly when I got home. I couldn’t pick them up until the next day. They are always so excited to see me. It is a wonderful feeling to reconnect.

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