I Get My Best Work Done While He Sleeps

10 am isn’t too late for RangerSir

My husband is not a morning person.    The only times I have known him to look forward to getting up early is when he is either going fishing  or trying to experience some wilderness/wildlife that you can only see as the sun breaks in the morning.    I on the other hand am up at the crack of dawn and ready to go.   Though this can be a source of constant frustration after over 35 years together I have learned to embrace the man who is still sleeping.   He relishes his extra time in bed and I relish my time alone.

Yesterday while he was sleeping I spent the morning in my studio space making cards.   I had five cards I had created the base for, but they somehow became a mind cramp.   I had put them aside hoping they would once again move me.    They had sat there for several weeks.   I had received a new die packaged on  Friday. Time to pull those half-finished cards out and top them off with new creativity.   I listen to music and watched the world come alive outside my windows. It wasn’t long and my cards were finished.    I had not only used my new dies but finished off some odds and ends in my stash of trash and tried some techniques I had seen on YouTube.

This morning I spent some time again in my studio space, purging some things that needed to go.  I used to teach quilting and have quite a collection of reference books and patterns I used over the years.    I am finally ready to let go of some of them.   I also did some more dusting and cleaning as I found more corners that the chick dust had settled in.    It  got my creative juices going.    It was time  to spend a few minutes with all of you.  I knew what to blog about.

This is desire to sleep in is not to say if we have plans he can’t be up on a Saturday morning, but you need to decide on what time you need to be out the door the night before  in order for it all to work.   RangerSir takes a minimum of  an hour to join the living in his own special way.    So if we decide to go to the city to shop big chain stores  at  8 am it  means he sets his alarm at least two hours before that and we don’t talk until we are in the rig driving down the road toward the interstate.   He gets ready in ways I can’t imagine, while he after all this time he is still astounded that I can go from bed to door in 15 minutes including a shower.

As I sit here writing about all of this I think he could be writing about how I am ready to be quiet each night by 8pm.  I am not a night owl when I don’t have to be.   He enjoys when I check out for the day it frees him to pursue things I don’t get.    If I had my druther we would not have TV while RangerSir finds it to be an unwind tool.    RangerSir  really enjoys good sci-fi of several different genres in books, movies and TV.  He looks forward to the time I curl up in my chair or bed, listening to my end-of day-playlists on my iPod.   He then drags out either DVDs of favorite series he is watching for the umpteenth time or streams a series that he has not had the opportunity to watch correctly (in order/without commercials).    Like my morning time it is his time to do just what he wants how he wants.

While we do so much together, our lives have naturally somehow have a built in time for each of us to recharge alone.   It wasn’t something we planned.   Life just worked out that way.

One comment on “I Get My Best Work Done While He Sleeps

  1. It’s so interesting to read this, since my husband and I have reached the same detente. I, too, am the very early riser (and early to bed) and he sleeps later and stays up . . . watching TV that I can’t appreciate at all! So, when I’m writing my blog at the crack of dawn, I’ll imagine you, doing the same!

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