A Good Winter

spring-eggThis has been an exceptional winter for my laying hens.   This is the first time we have not had to buy a single store bought egg all winter since we have had been in the chicken business.    Now we have gone from one egg every other day or so to a two egg day.  It may be some of the coldest weather of the year, but two eggs in a single day is a sign that we are on our way to spring.

11 comments on “A Good Winter

  1. We have had excellent laying this winter as well. We had one spurt in early Dec where it declined to almost nothing, but it has been great since then. We do supplement heat (we didn’t in Dec and had tons of frostbite). I have talked to two other people in our area and they have had great laying as well. Interesting with such a cold winter.

    • I truly wonder what it is this year. I don’t do supplemental light or heat. Some years I have a slow month, some years it is famine from November to March, and this year I expected the same when 4 started to molt in November. The remaining two never stopped laying in spite of like you some record breaking cold.

    • They say that light makes a huge difference. I have never used supplemental light, so I have always figured I got as good as I gave. If they needed a rest, it was ok, but it sure is nice when they don’t all take a rest at the same time.

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