Appreciate – My Word for 2014


My word for this year is appreciate.   Rather that pick a few random resolutions in January, I picked a word to reflect a new sense of consciousness I wanted to find.

If you look appreciate up in the dictionary here is what you will find.

  • to be grateful or thankful for:
  • to value or regard highly; place a high estimate on:
  • to be fully conscious of; be aware of; detect: to appreciate the dangers of a situation.

I  picked this word because there are so many facets to the word.

The first definition is the easy one for me or at least I think so.    I remind myself over and over that my life could be so  much more difficult in so many ways when I want to feel bad, deprived or wish for some more.    I try to be a half full kind of girl.

The second definition is something I think I clearly can improve on.   I want to place more value on others, my blessings and my environment.    Those who I disagree with; those who reach out when I feel I don’t have time for them;  my husband who is there everyday, day in and day out; my family; my home with a full larder; volunteers who give of their time; the natural beauty outside my door; my job; a working car; my healthy low blood pressure and my pets who love me, just to name  a few.      There is so much that I possibly don’t value, it is there and I don’t think about it.    I want to improve that aspect of my life this year.

The third definition will help with the second.    So often we are not aware and when we are not aware we don’t place the appropriate value on things.     We are in too big of a hurry moving from one place to the next or multi-tasking to be fully conscious and in the moment.   Maybe the stranger  who takes time to smile just lost  a friend or family member, saying hi could make a difference.   The sales clerk’s last customer may have been a prick, so being friendly to you is their attempt to put a positive spin on their situation, am I helping her or I too busy in my pocketbook.      Being conscious of my surrounds will take time.    Something I don’t feel I have an over abundance of, time.   But unless I take the time I will never be able to fully appreciate my life.

I am thinking that to appreciate this year, I will have to slow down, be more aware and look at my life with another pair of glasses at time from time to time.  This is my wish for this year to appreciate it all.

By Diana who is Looking Out The Window Posted in Goals

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