You Snooze – You Lose

I swap out chickens every year from my backyard flock.   Some of the older birds or ones that are not performing as well as I hoped go to the freezer.  They are replaced by new chicks.

Getting the perfect mix of chicks for my flock requires me to order from hatcheries online.    I have some personal favorite breeds that are almost impossible to find at the local ranch store.  I usually try to order the week after my employer’s conference in January.   This year I sustained an injury and have had troubles with keyboarding, so did not get  online and make put together my order.

I just checked online at my favorite hatchery that allows me to pick my order one chick at a time, though I usually go with two or three, and stocks all my hard to find favorites. I am too late.   I wanted my chicks to be shipped for a March arrival.  My choices were sold out until June and July.    I am too late.

On to Plan B.   It means I will settle for favorites that I find this year at the ranch supply. I will be watching for the announcement of Chick Days.    You can bet I will be at the first or second one they have.   I have already lost out once, I am not going to do it again.   You snooze — you loose.

6 comments on “You Snooze – You Lose

  1. I’ve noticed the same thing with the hatcheries! Fortunately, I’ve found that there are plenty of chicken people in my area (well, in the state, not necessarily my neighborhood) through I follow the North Carolina forum and get lots of good leads for specific varieties that are within driving distance. You’re in Montana, right? I don’t know how that state’s forum is but it might be worth a try. Are there Flock Swaps, Chicken Switchens, or the like out there that might be a resource for you? I also see a lot of stuff on Craigslist. Admittedly, Montana is different but I thought I’d share the alternative resources I found that have now become my primary resources. Good luck with this year’s flock!

    • Thanks for the info, and I will investigate it. Raising chickens is a bit of an oddity in cattle country. When we lived in the Midwest there were lots of folks with chickens and options. Now we live fairly remote, and there are not many options.

    • Thanks for the grammar correction.

      I order from Ideal Poultry. I love them because I can pick one of this and one of that and I only have to spend $25 to make my chicken minimum for an order. I generally rotate in about 8-10 a year, and there are not many hatcheries that support my habit in that fashion.

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