Holiday Intolerance

happy holidays

My brother once said that once in a while I write about things that are controversial.    This may be one of those times.

I have watched folks get their underwear in a bunch because some people choose to say Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas.  I am talking about a tight bunch, maybe even a knot, and they have no problem telling anyone who does not use the phrase Merry Christmas they are wrong, lost, heathen, you pick your word.

Biblical scholars are quite uncertain about the actual date when Christ was born.  I acknowledge that December 25th is the day most, but not all Christian faiths, choose to observe the birth of Christ.     So greeting friends and associates who practice the Christian faith or hold Christian beliefs  with a greeting of Merry Christmas is perfectly correct..    Statistically they say about 70-80% of the US citizens say they are Christian.  So saying Merry Christmas is pretty safe.

On the other hand  nearly 30% of the citizens practice something other than the Christian religion.  I feel blessed that I had the opportunities to meet co-workers and neighbors who were in the 30%.  This life experience has made me a Happy Holiday girl.  I make no apologies.   I wish everyone peace on earth, good health and a happy holiday no matter how they celebrate it.    I have no interest in insulting a person  by suggesting their religion/belief system is wrong and mine is right.   It is to me more than tolerance; it is acceptance.    I have not seen the red phone to God, to let me know which religion is right.   So I seek to understand, find similarities and understand differences.

So the next time you consider telling someone that happy holiday is a wrong greeting, consider this, are you behaving in a Christian fashion?


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