Christmas Tree – Yes, No, Maybe

One of the many trees that RangerSir has brought home over the years

One of the many trees that RangerSir has brought home over the years

I am not sure if we will have a Christmas tree this year or not.   We do not always have a Christmas tree, and that is OK  with us.    The responsibility for a tree  falls to my husband traditionally because he loves having a tree.   It also falls primarily to him  because we still cut our tree out in the woods.   The woods, where most of the trees are not really Christmas tree material.     This means that starting about October RangerSir starts to keep an eye out for the perfect tree, perfect “Charlie Brown” style open with short needles.    He picks out several possible trees, never knowing if the snow is going to be deep and early, and some of those will not be accessible come harvest time.   He buys a tree cutting permit, throwing it in the glove box so he is ready when the time comes to cut one.   Finally when the mood is right, the roads are accessible , the weather is isn’t too cold and whatever other stars need to alight, RangerSir will make a detour on his way home from work and get the tree for our holiday.

This year he has been laid up, and there has been lots of snow since he last worked. He was still looking at trees and had not trimmed his list of possibilities to just a few.  He has no idea what roads are snowed closed and where we could get still with 4-wheel drive get in and out.   On top of this it is now bitter cold here in southwestern Montana, like the frostbite kind.  The man of our house will not be making a trip trip alone this year.     If we get a tree this year it will be a joint endeavor, a true family effort.

Will you be having a tree this year??  Is it one use or permanent?   Do you make it a family outing to go get a freshly cut?   Or is is simple and small, just enough to bring back memories and warm your heart?


6 comments on “Christmas Tree – Yes, No, Maybe

  1. We always have a tree. It’s my responsibility-always has been as my husband says he couldn’t care less anymore-but I do love a Christmas tree. We used to buy live trees and plant them when we had the room, or I at least bought cut trees. Now I have resorted to artificial ones (although not overly fond of them) and this year I just put up a small one because of the two cats who I’m afraid would just have a field day with ornaments. But I’ll miss my tree with all the ornaments I’ve kept over the years.
    I hope you’ll still be able to have a tree and that the Ranger is better soon.

  2. We do a tree every year. We usually cut the top off a pine on my in-laws property each year so the tree can go on living. But this year we have found a couple areas on our new property where there are many trees that are anywhere from 4-12 feet tall and very crowded. We want to thin them out so they have space to grow well. So we hiked around our little property and picked one that would help with thinning and fit the house. Being a ponderosa pine it is a bit charlie brown and not a typical full tree. But my husband takes a few branches off another one and has a way of “filling out” our tree that no one even notices. Still not the typical triangular Christmas tree but perfect for a house in the mountains. 🙂

  3. The hubby and I do not get a tree. We have dogs, big dogs and it just doesn’t seem right to give them something that they normal pee on, in the house. I am not sure if they would use a tree in the house for their potty tree, but I am not going to test it.

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