Most Busy Time of the Year

Oh my did I set myself up for failure planning to blog everyday during this holiday season.  Obviously it isn’t going to happen.    The holidays for are very busy days for so many of us, for me it isn’t so much the holiday as it is work.   This is the the preparation season for my employer’s most significant event of the year.   Already my days are long and most nights when I quit my stack of to-do’s is bigger than it was when I started.    I am not complaining but it makes me thankful that we simplified our Christmas years ago.   We participate in that which we enjoy and skip the rest.

That is my reflection today, what things can you skip?   Does it take to much time and bring too little enjoyment for yourself or others?   Is it money that you can’t really afford to spend?   Do you do it because you always have or it is expected, what would happen if you did not do that this year?  Could you skip one thing this year and would it make the holiday a little better for you?


2 comments on “Most Busy Time of the Year

  1. I don’t do a lot of decorating and will probably do less this year, as I have two little cats that seem to think whatever I put out is for them to play with. Will just put up a small tree. We don’t attend parties and usually just spend the holiday with immediate family. Sounds pretty dull but I do enjoy the lights and decorations other people do. My writers group has a get-together before Christmas (it was today) and I always try to attend. I like to watch Christmas movies and bake a few cookies. Don’t do any really heavy shopping but do buy a few gifts. Not much else I could cut out, I guess, but it’s still a much less stressful time than it used to be for me.

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