Christmas Photo Design & Ordered

Tonight we picked out a photo taken of us this year to enclose in the Christmas cards.  It was taken this summer when friends from Minnesota were here.   We were both smiling, a reflection of the good times we have when we get together with friends.    It definitely is a great snapshot to share with friends & family.

Once the photo was chosen, then I had to get it all dolled up in Photoshop.  What means is we usually add a few holiday graphics.     I grabbed a few free digital art items and bought a couple more.   This year we went toward the infographic look for our picture, sort of.    There are a few number of this kind of Christmas pictures to be found on Pinerest if you are not familiar with infograhics.  It will take place of the traditional Christmas letter.   One less thing I will be doing this year; writing a letter.


Now I am trying to load it up to the local pharmacy photo processor so I can have them printed.     There must be a ton of this going on because my upload is taking forever.   Oh well soon it will be in the que for printing.   One less thing for me to worry about.

An inspiration piece from Pinerest for our Christmas photo this year.

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