Nothing Good Comes From Eavesdropping

Thursday night I eavesdropped on my husband, sort of.   I listened to him on his cell phone when he was unaware I was listening.

My husband is part of a racquetball league and plays a couple times a week.    This week he had a match at 6 and 8 on the same night.   Just after 7pm his cell phone rang.   I answered it in my typical smart mouth fashion, thinking he had called to pass the time with me between matches.  I was greeted by the muffled voice of my husband.   It soon became apparent he had not called me, and was not aware I was listening in.    He was hard to hear, but soon I heard him cursing and complaining about being hurt.   This went on for nearly three minutes until the line was lost.   I was unsure what was going on.   My mind was now racing trying to understand what I had heard.   I can tell you nothing good came to my mind.   I was worried he had left the club between matches and been jumped by thugs.    I  imagined he was having a heart attack someplace alone.    I decided my best order of business was to call his cell, before calling friends and heading to town.     He answered, while driving.   I was unsure if I should be mad or thrilled to hear his voice.

It turned out he had torn his Achilles tendon completely.   He was driving home and when he got in his car, his gym bag had turned on his phone.    He was in pain and talking himself through the trip home while driving his manual transmission car home.  It was a tough time for him to make the trip with a foot that hurt like the dickens and he said felt like it was detached from his body.   It was a frightening  time for me, because I did not know what was going on and felt helpless.   It was really an odd set of circumstances that came together to create a sort of perfect storm in failed communication.     Yet it all turned out well, he is scheduled for surgery for repair and will have a long recovery.  I am thankful that this the worst thing that happened in what for a few minutes sounded much worse.