Living by Honor

vetdayToday is Veteran’s Day.  In writing this I  reflect on all the members of my family who were served this country.    As the family historian and researcher I have learned about  those in my family who have served in wars and conflicts since the beginning of this country.   My history is dotted with multiple great grandfathers who fought in the Revolutionary War; the War of 1812; the Mexican -American War;  the Civil War both sides, Union and Confederate; and World War I and II.   My father was a career man serving in both the Army and Air Force.   My brother was the only one who served in the Navy.  They were all enlisted men, regular US citizens who helped to make the country what it is today.

I don’t think I ever said thank you to any of them who I knew.  Except for my brother they are all gone now.    I hope I do them proud, and in spite of what JFK said I think I will call my brother today and tell him how proud I am of him and that I appreciate all he gave for me.

5 comments on “Living by Honor

  1. I thought of you twice today: One of the call-ins on our “Dial A Deal” radio show had 6 8-month-old chickens and their coop for sale. Later on TV they showed a clip of a traveling enclosed coop with chickens and a small coop enclosed by a roofed wire cage that you could pick up one end and move it a la a wheelbarrow. I thought of you and your fox issues. Hope your day out with Becky was great fun!

    • I had a nice time with Becky and hope she did as well. I always think of those traveling coops and meat chickens. They just eat and poop so much I hate to keep them with my egg layers. Just run them around the pasture until butcher time. Thanks for the cartons

  2. What a lovely blog – makes me stop and think, as many of your blogs do. I think I’ll go and give my hubby a kiss and say “Thanks”!

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