Milestone — Number 500!

Good_OneWith this post I celebrate my 500th post on this blog!   Thanks to all of you who have visited my site and been part of my journey.    I have posted blogs about so many topics…chickens, seasons, cooking, family, introspective thoughts, opinions,  and everything else in between.     I appreciate all of the likes and comments you have made, providing feedback and encouragement to me.    I not sure exactly what I expected when I started this in February of 2010 but it has far exceeded my expectations.  It has been a growth experience for me in so many ways.     I hope that you have found this blog to be a good one and hang around for the next 500 posts.

9 comments on “Milestone — Number 500!

  1. Diane, Congrats on 500th post. Always enjoy. Never know what the topic was. Sometimes funny, sometimes controversial, sometimes informational. But always from the heart. Love you sis and good luck on the next 500. What the heck is our mother doing up at 2:20 am?

  2. Congratulations on your 500th post! That is remarkable. I enjoy reading the thoughts and perspectives from someone who lives half a country away from me. My mother raised chickens when I was little, so it’s always interesting to read about them, and I love reading about your food co-op. It’s been over 30 years since I was last in Montana but I’m still hoping to return for a vacation. My son was there this past summer and he so loved camping and hiking in Glacier and visiting the small towns in the southwest area. He had a wonderful time!
    Look forward to learning more about your great state.

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