Timing is Everything

We have traveled all over with the Forest Service.   We have been some pretty amazing places.   Just recently one of our most coveted places, Grand Marais, MN,  had an opening for exactly what my husband does here in Montana.    It would have been a lateral move, not all bad.   Unfortunately when you are in high gear for those last ten years before retirement, your dream location takes a back seat to smart financial moves.   Together we looked at all the pros and cons of taking this move.

The lighthouse at Grand Marais.

Reasons for Going to Grand Marais

  • At the end of the Gunflint Trail, need I say more
  • Mr Ranger would have to to spend time in the BWCA as part of his job.  The BWCA inspired him to have the job he has today.
  • Being right on Lake Superior, my favorite Great lake
  • Being back in the hardwood forests.  If you’ve been there you know there is no place like the Northshore.
  • They have an established art colony to nurture my creative soul.   It started back in 1947, so they have a long history of supporting folks teaching and exploring all sorts of creative mediums.
  • We would be less than 4 hours from Mr. Ranger’s family, both his & my best friends and only 12 hours from my family.
  • Over 100 inches of snow!
  • Lots of cross country at our back door.
  • BWCA at our “backdoor” so we could access it during  the shoulder season when “everyone” has gone home.
  • It has a longer growing season, but then almost every place could say that.
  • Access to lots and lots of hiking and biking trails.
  • Voyaguers National park and Quetico Provincial Park are just a short jaunt away.

You never get too old to cross country sky. You just need snow.

Reasons for not throwing our name in the hat to go to Grand Marais.

  • Retirement – It is much less expensive to live here, so we are mega saving for retirement.
  • Our house payment is tiny and we can see the end of our mortgage
  • Limited amount of affordable housing in Grand Marais, and we would have to start over with a mortgage.
  • Few job opportunities for me, even fewer that would replace my current salary.
  • An economy skewed by tourists and second homes.
  • No mountains

I’ve been to New England in the fall and it has nothing on the Northshore.

There are no better sunsets or sun rises than those on a lake, big or little.

We spent hours talking about it.   Our wants, dreams, wishes and what retirement meant to both of us together and individually.   When it was all said and done we without a doubt knew this was a matter of timing being everything.   Something is perfect only if the timing is right.   It must be a balance of financial and emotional desires.  This was not that.     So we passed.  We know when it is the right move the stars will align it will feel right in every way.   Enough said time to let it go, but it was sure fun to play with the idea.

9 comments on “Timing is Everything

  1. You had me worried there my friend. Can’t imagine us in Montana without our two wonderful friends. I’m sure it was a very, very difficult decision to make. But I’m glad you are staying close to us. Now, let’s make a date for us and the boys to get together.

  2. Gasp, wheeze, “Look out Elizabeth, it’s the big one!” (Sanford & Son) What a hard, hard decision it must have been, but I, too, am really glad you’re staying in Montana!

    • Your Sanford & Son reference made me laugh out loud. It was a hard decision, but I am where I am suppose to be right now. It also reminded me of what things I am missing right now and need to put into that retirement plan.

  3. OMG I’m having a heart attack right now. If I lose you, I’m going to find another job myself!!!! For purely selfish reasons, I’m glad you choose Buxton, MT!

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