My Last Nerve


I haven’t posted for a few days and that is not normal for me.   Even stranger is I haven’t written either, not here or behind the scenes.  In short the reason is the world is on my last nerve.  Quite frankly I am sure that none of you really care to hear about I came to be at this point, so not going to go on about all the things wrong, stresses or other stuff that have taken me to the brink.  So much of what goes on is out of our control.  That lack of control can cause all sorts of feelings and in spite of it all life goes on.   And so do I.

7 comments on “My Last Nerve

  1. I don’t remember how it goes, but I think it was Little Orphan Annie who sang “…the sun’ll come up tomorrow…tomorrow…tomorrow is just a day away…” I’ll remember you in my prayers, God be with you!

  2. We all have days, weeks, months in which things kinda stink. My advice, shut the lid so you don’t have to watch it go down. 🙂 hoping for a good weekend.

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