It Is a Fountain – Final Installment of Making an Indoor Fountain

One of the most important steps in making a fountain is now going to be tested.  Did my sealant on the inside of my pot work or not?? I let mine cure for a full week, longer than anyone suggested.    I am using an unglazed pot so any failure will show up immediately if my version of Rhino lining did not work immediately as dark spots   I would recommend you give your container plenty of time to allow your test to fail at this point, nothing could be worst than to think you are done, that to have to tear it back apart and re-engineer it later.    You don’t need to fill it to the brim.   You need a little more than the amount you expect to use in your live fountain.   I have drawn a little red line to highlight some of the edge of the water in this photo.   You can also see a dark spot where I got water on the outside of my container.


The next thing you need to to is attach your tubing to your pump.   Mine did not come with any tubing and I bought a foot at the local hardware store for less than $1.   Put your pump in the water.   Ok, I will admit that this is the part that freaks me out a bit…electricity and water.   All I can say is be smart, cautious, error on the side of safety,  use common sense, and follow the instructions.   I don’t know why this works and I don’t get knocked on my butt, but someone a lot smarter than I am figured out how to make it work.


Now comes the fun part.   I slip on the layers of slate.  It is a little slower than I had thought as my hole is just big enough for my tube.  I repeated this process until all my slate with the the drilled holes are threaded on my water tube.


Now is the time time to trim your tube, and turn on the water to see what you have.   I have water.   Now the debate is on, cut my tube more ore place rocks and see how it all works.    I go with the rocks option.


I add some stones to create somewhat of an uneven look I want.   I suspect I will be swapping out rocks and picking up rocks for quite some time.    This is a sense of personalized style that never comes easy.


I end up adding a fern in the bowl I found and drilled a hole in the bottom.  That was a good idea.  It ended up better than many of my first project and much easier.   I am ready to do some more.  So many complain that store bought fountains don’t have a good sound of water.   I either got very lucky my first time out as I got a good sound of water trickling.