Food for the Winter – Three more hens

Sunday we did our final butchering of the season.   We had butchered roosters earlier in the spring and meaties in the summer.   So our larder was already full with some good homegrown chicken.    This last culling of our flock was done to bring us down to the right flock size for winter.    Our perfect winter number is six.

It was hard for us because we lost three of the chickens destined for the freezer to the fox this week,  such a waste.  We had been dragging our feet, because butchering isn’t fun.  With two winter storms under our belt we knew the next warm day we had to take action.  Our time for procrastination was over.   Sunday was it for us.   The temps were in the 50’s and the wind was howling.   Not perfection conditions but we put our heads down and got with it.     In just under an an hour and a half we went from beginning to end in dressing out three hens.  We are now ready for winter.

By Diana who Looking Out the Window Posted in Cats

6 comments on “Food for the Winter – Three more hens

  1. Having naively volunteered to help a farmer process ten chickens, I found out that although I had never had that on my bucket list, I was glad for the experience. How little we consumers think about how our food gets to our table.

    • I hate butchering truly,but do it because I feel it is an honorable full life cycle for the laying hens I have. We squeezed that butcher in before the city visitors. My husband and I both thought it would be good for him to see how chicken gets to the pink styrofoam, but did not feel it would be fair to blindside him, forcing our belief that as an adult he should experience it.

  2. It always feels so good to me to stand back and see the food we have put up, whether it is meat in the freezer or canned veggies…it just feels good. Glad you are feeling the food stored up feeling. 🙂

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