Homemade Fountain Supplies Found

I have been on this mission to make an indoor fountain.  I have stopped in at thrift stores every time I end up in town, hoping to find something that I can take home as possible fountain material.  This weekend I hit the jackpot.    I visited all the stores  that have seasonal garden centers.   Summer is over and I was on the look out for clearance, now that the outdoor season is on its way out in Montana.  I found a submersible pump and a clay planter on clearance.   I added to that three pieces of slate, some waterproof goop, epoxy and sealer.  I got it all for less than I might pay for this size fountain retail.


I first took the clear silicone and filled the drain hole in my flower pot.   I left it sit a couple days to cure.  The recommend you use gloves.   I opt for the one use sack on the hand trick.    The one thing that you will notice is that my pot is unglazed and the silicone discolored the pot.   I expected this, but it let me know how much of a color change was possible if I got stuff where I did not want it on my pot.  I like the lighter look and want to keep the chocolate brown.

Many of your choices for your fountain may have holes in the bottom.   It is possible to fill them.

Many of your choices for your fountain may have holes in the bottom. It is possible to fill them.

Then my next job was to make my slate fit in my pot.   Lots of folks said use a tile saw, which I have and could use, but  I  choose the method that would give me a more rustic look.   The hammer.   I learned a couple of things.   Don’t hurry.  I will repeat that do NOT hurry.    You really need to work in 1/8 to 1/4 increments fully supported bellow what you are not working with.   Slate has layers.  If you insist on the hammer method be prepared to work with what you get. As you can see from the pictures I once got in a hurry and and did not follow the 1/4 rule and I lost a big chunk.   I will be fine in the end, but it required me to revamp my design.


I’ve got some more to do to get that slate to fit into the clay pot.   So I will leave you with this for now.   Watch for the report on what comes next  next.


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