The Smell of Beauty

For me the smell of pines invokes so many memories.

For me the smell of pines invokes so many memories.

The other day I went for  a hike in  the high country expecting great vistas.   The trail  was high enough that when I could peek through the trees the sights were breathtaking.   But those vistas were few and far between as most of the hike was tucked in between rocks and great forests.    But I wasn’t disappointed because this hike had a different kind of beauty…  the beauty that smell invoke.

Beauty is usually associated with a visual experience.   Smells can bring back many beautiful memories.   They cause your brain to immediately paint a picture  with that first whiff.  The brain’s picture is a combination of all the times that you smelled that aroma, painting a perfect picture; picking bits and pieces of each experience with that smell and creating the best of the best memory.

The walk with the hot afternoon sun cause the resins of the pines  to create an overwhelming smell of pine.   It brought back memories of summers at the lake.  That memory gave me such a good feeling that everything seemed right with the world.  Not only could I smell the pines of the lake, but I could also hear the waves on the shore.    I could hear the winds in the red and white pines tall above the cabin.   I could feel the coolness of the cotton sheets on my bed.    I could see the sunset across the lake.   When I let myself embrace the smell of the pines of Montana, I could close my eyes and I was transformed back to the shores of Pike Bay in Minnesota.   I was a perfect moment of time travel that only the smell of the trees could give me.