Indoor Water Fountain – on the look out

I am planning to make my own indoor water fountain.  I have looked at all the ones I can find in stores, which are not too many and everything I can find online.    I am generally turned off by the fact that most of what I am interested seems to be molded plastic to look like ceramic, rocks….you name it.

Simple a bowl, some glass blobs and an ivy plant

I also am quite sure that this is not going to be  cheaper to do it yourself option.    However I am also sure it will end up with a fountain I like better than what I can find.    There will likely be flaws and things that I learn in the adventure to do differently the second time around.

I have done bought a used book on the construction of indoor fountains on Amazon.   It was $4 after shipping.   I can get lots of information online, but with a book I can take notes and write things down as I find better ways to do things or clarifications.   I am hoping I really do well on the first one planned for my office.   If so I would like to make one for my studio space and my bedroom.

Could I duplicate this with a plate and a gazing ball?

I am on the look out for the perfect base for this fountain.   I am not sure if it is a large flat bowl, and flower pot.   It might be the bottom of a bird bath.   I am open to the possibilities.   I know that my pump has to be submerged, but that is all I am sure about at this moment about pumps.  I think I want it tiered and have experience drilling through ceramic  and porcelain so that makes some of the ideas simpler or at least less foreign of getting tubing up and through all my finds.

If I found something like this I would snatch it up right away. It might work excellent with a collection of pottery bowls I have.

I will share my adventures in the quest for making a fountain with you.   Right now I am scrounging thrift stores, close outs and garden centers looking for what might make a good base.

2 comments on “Indoor Water Fountain – on the look out

  1. I’m one fountain ahead of you. I found a clay “nun-type” fountain figure at a garage sale, went and bought a submersible pump (very small, ran about $12-$13), and a length of the proper diameter tubing to run from the pump up through the hollow figurine with no bottom on it (the pump fit inside of it). Then I went on the search for the bottom. I wound up with a plastic flattish bowl from a garden nursery. As long as you don’t take the drainage plugs out it seems to be water tight. It needed to be fairly big and deep to hold the pump and the figurine. Found a stand, set the bowl on the stand, attached the tubing to the pump, put the pump in the bowl, set the nun over the pump, threaded the other end of the tubing into the hole in the pot the nun was holding, filled the bowl about 2/3 to 3/4 full of water and plugged her in! WOW! Then I had to make some adjustments so I didn’t have a 3-foot arc of water across my gardening shed! I highly recommend all tests be done outside! But it’s really, really nice now!

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