Meteor Shower Party

In just a few days the  Perseid meteor shower will peak.   It is one of those events I look forward to annually.    I allow myself to party and enjoy the sky each year when this happens.

When I lived in Michigan I was introduced to the idea that a meteor shower party.  A friend of mine would invite friends out to her creative studio, a log cabin out in the woods.   Near the cabin  was a large clearing giving a good view of the sky.    All the guests would all gather around in a circle.   You would lay in your  sleeping bags looking skyward.   It was a time of oh and ahs, lots of quiet reflective time and lots of talk time that can occur under the cover of darkness.   It was a moment when you did not feel like a group of 40 and 50 year olds with all the daily struggles of adulthood, but like children in wonder of nature.   You enjoyed some of nature’s wonders and appreciate the fellowship of friends.   Life seemed so much more simple that night.

Since I have moved to Montana we have held similar events with friends on our deck.   Some years we have had had friends join us and other years it is just the two of us.   No matter two or many there is nothing like a good meteor shower.    This year friends from Minnesota will be here visiting.   Look for us to be out there on the deck Monday morning about 1:30 after the moon sets.   If you have never taken in a meteor shower I hope you might consider taking this meteor shower  this year.