Chicken Breed – Profile Norwegian Jaerhon

Norwegian Jaerhon Old Enough to Lay Eggs

Norwegian Jaerhon Old Enough to Lay Eggs

There has been a lot of interest in the Norwegian Jaerhon.   Well she is now started to lay eggs and it seemed like a good time for an update.

She has started laying little white eggs, at 20 weeks old.  This is not spectacularly early, nor a late bloomer.   This breed is said to lay large white eggs and it has only been a week so she still has time for her body to adjust and the larger eggs to appear.

I wish the photo could capture the contrast of gold and gray, but I have not jet managed to do so.   I am still fascinated by the color combinations and consider her to be a beauty only second to the Partridge Chantecler.   She is as small as the breed is described on most web resources for this breed.   I doubt that there will be much when it comes time to butcher her, but then that wasn’t her primary purpose.

She has a small single comb and unusually small waddles.   If this continues to hold true she should weather the Montana winter well.  I always worry when I choose to try a single comb.

Her personality is one of  don’t get too close.   Keep in mind I have a small backyard flock treated well and touched or picked up occasionally.  A few get names based on something they do but for the most part they are referred to by their breed.  I don’t think she is destined to be called more than the Norwegian. No names makes going the full circle of life for me easier.   Still this in all my years is the least humanly acclimated bird I have had.  It isn’t to say if you wanted to raise one as a pet or for a 4H project it could not be done, I just think the flight gene is still very much alive in this breed.

Would I do this breed again??  Possibly, we will see how her egg size and production develops in the upcoming weeks.

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