New Cat – New Name!!


intro-corabelleAs I write this we have now had the shelter cat just over two weeks.   During this time we have tried out all sorts of names trying to find one that she gives us the nod on.    Most shelters change their animal name on the records to protect everyone.   We were unsure if the name  used at the shelter was her name for the last 11 years or just the last five months.   No matter how often we used the shelter name she never responded.   We were not crazy about the shelter name either,  so we decided new home, new name.  Now naming a  pet sounds easy but it never is for us.   We pick names we think sound grand and perfect but somehow the animal has always let us know their name.   All this week our new cat has become more interested in us and being around us. Today  she came up and laid on me while I read.   She whispered in my ear you can call me Corabelle.   My brand-new 11-year-old shelter cat has been named. Everyone is pleased.

5 comments on “New Cat – New Name!!

  1. I love that picture- I so miss having a cat to snuggle with! That will be an easy name to remember because that is Pete’s mom’s name….without the belle 🙂

  2. I love the picture, and I love your kitty’s new name 🙂 Thanks to some time spent volunteering at our local shelter, I’m mama to almost a dozen former shelter kitties. Most were kittens when I adopted them nine years ago, except for “Drake”, who’s my grandpa cat. He was already grown when I adopted him. All of my kitties all live happily outside and just lounge around the ‘cat cafe’ waiting for their next meal 🙂

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