Cat Litter

With our new cat who came declawed we have had to switch to clay scoopable litter.

First unbeknownst to us declawed cats often develop very sensitive paws. Think of yourself walking across a gravel road in your bare feet.   There is pointed, sharp gravel that looks like it was just blasted out of the pit and smooth wash river rock like gravel.   As a human you know neither may feel good to walk on but the river rock is much nicer to the soles of your feet.     Why do we care that they like their litter??  Because if it hurts their paws they will break training and pee in places you don’t want them to.    So this means you pick the smoothest, nicest to walk on litter you can find.  The shelter used and recommended that declawed cats get a scoopable type litter.

It has been years since we have used scoopable littler  and I had forgotten why we left.  For years we had been  using the compressed wood pellets, the same type as all the local shelters around here all use as well.   After a couple of weeks I am reminded about why I left the scoopable litter in the first place

  1. It tracks everywhere.   No matter the rug I put down for her to “clean” her feet off by walking on. I end up with micro rocks everywhere.
  2. I have to vacuum or sweep much more often.   Two chores I hate.
  3. The scoopables have scents.   The scents end up in the laundry room  where the box resides and they end up on the cat.  She has a clean fresh scent that reminds me of cat litter.
  4. It is blasted expensive compared to wood pellets.
  5. Clay is dustier than wood pellets
  6. I don’t think it does as nice of job with odor control.
  7. It isn’t compostable. After I pulled the poo out the wood pellets could be composted for nonfood uses.

I still have a few pellets left.   I am going to put them out in a box and see if she shows any interest in them.   I am not going to push it but if she likes them I am going back.   If not I will become a better duster, sweeper and brusher of my cat in my renewed battle against the evils of clay litter.