What a Difference the Internet Makes

My lifetime friend and her husband are coming to visit in August.  We are so looking forward to it.   Usually when she comes we provide her with a list of all the things we need from the city. The list is about 90% foodstuffs.    I love to cook and enjoy making all sorts of ethnic cuisines.    Many of the recipes I use call for ingredients that I can’t  find locally.   Not all the ingredients of the recipe but there is usually one or two things that you just don’t see on the grocery shelves in southwestern Montana.    Some of the things have been spices; other times it is an ingredient.

This year I don’t have a grocery list for my friend.   It seemed  strange, and so  I thought about it.   What was different?

  • We have a new grocery store in town.   This grocery is a sort of hybrid store:   Part locavore featuring local produce, meat and dairy, Part exotic specialty ingredient store, Part “Whole Foods”, Part general grocery.  Not very big, but I do lots of shopping there.
  • You can get more grocery ingredients via the internet.

This is one of those examples of the world getting smaller.   We all travel more and further and expect to see some of what we see away from home, now days at home.      We use the internet to reach out to places far from home when home just won’t do.     I had not realized that until now what a difference these two things made in my life.