Season of Smoke

Smoke and Fire

Smoke and Fire

It is here, the season of smoke and forest fires.   For awhile we had thought that fire season was going to come early fortunately it was a false alarm.    It is now late July and the fires are popping up all over.   Humidity levels have dropped to the single digits creating tinder dry conditions.  We are starting to be able to smell smoke in our homes though fires are miles in the distance. We worry with each dry thunderstorm about the lightning strikes that smolder for days before becoming a  full-fledged fires.   It is all being driven by the winds of summer.  The sky’s are turning into smoke.    The sun this afternoon was  hidden behind a screen of smoke, peeking out in time to set.   Tonight’s moon came up orange.   This season and many of the fires will last until the snow flies.

6 comments on “Season of Smoke

  1. I remember the Georgia fires a few years back. It made the entire sky gray and there was always specks of ash floating around. This time of year is always scary for Floridians, it’s either wild fires or hurricanes here in the summer. *sigh*. Luckily we’ve never met any disasters face on. Hopefully that will remain the same for both you and I.

  2. Reading your post has made me a little more tolerant of our ‘wet conditions’. I’d rather be ‘soggy’ than ‘on fire’, but neither is good. Stay safe!

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