Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

An office set up with elements of Feng Shui

Positive energy can be so many things.  Recently a friend attended an introductory workshop on Feng Shui.   She has used it as a jumping off spot to “clean” up and surround herself with positive chi.

Often times folks dismiss things like this as so much hocus pocus.    Others embrace it as almost a religion where it becomes obsessive and drives their life.    I think the truth lies somewhere in between there.

Feng Shui is a proponent of decluttering your life and surround yourself with good things/funneling positive energy.   No matter what book you read, new age or very traditional,  about being more productive and happier, all of them advocate getting rid of your life’s clutter, be it things physical or mental.   They generally suggest that you surround yourself with your family, friends and things that calm, bring a smile to your face, and give you a good sense of well being.     If that is what Feng Shui is I think we are all for it, no matter the name you call it.

On the other hand if we let a philosophy drive our lives to the exclusion of other things then it can be destructive.   If a life that does not match the perfect Feng Shui model and causes us stress or distress then we have defeated the purpose of it all.   Things that make us unhappy no matter what we call them are not good.

Though I have read books and attend classes on this before, my friend inspired me to revisit this.   In doing so I realized some things.

Light – I have always had desk lights.   When the last one broke, I had not replace it.   I am on the look for a new one that gives me the glow I crave.  I want something to soften up the room.

Clutter – I had lots of piles.  Some were piles related to tasks and others were just piles of piles.    I took a look at all the piles.   I  pitch some and prioritize the the rest setting up a system to allow them to be accessible but off my desk.  Neat and tidy.

Plant – I have one window in my office.   It is on the southwest side of my house and it is under a deck, so is constantly in the shade.     Call it a dark office that I spend my days in.  I have had plants before and often buy myself fresh flowers.   I decided to revisit this after I find my lamp.

What can you do to your office or work space to make it more welcoming? After all you spend at least eight hours there most days.   Maybe you have lots of control and can make some changes like I can.   Maybe you work in an assembly line where you can change nothing, but you can buy a new tube of lipstick and know you  look might fine in those company overalls.   You might work in a restaurant with a clothing requirement/uniform that limits on your creativity, but a five-minute self manicure can let you have some of the hottest hands.  Maybe someone will notice the change, but the only one that counts is you.   Feel better when you go to work tomorrow.

One comment on “Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

  1. If you take Feng Shui as the art/ science of placement, you will not be unnecessary worried by negative/ bad sha qi, or be overly obsessed by positive/ good sheng qi in life. We can make life better, but cannot force destiny in life.

    I had also read/ applied (from library books) some of the concepts on lighting/ painting/ furnishing/ … to find/ balance the lucky/ love/ relationship/ study/ health corner at home.

    The simple (but difficult) rule is still not to be wasteful, resulting in many unnecessary junk to clutter around places/ …

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