Saturday in the Summer Time – Farmer’s Market

Today we went to the local farmer’s market.   The farmer’s market is one of my favorite summer time activities. I love all the produce and flowers.   I love the smells that the are associated with all the freshness.

Farmer’s market here does not start until May.  Compared to other places we have lived it is the smallest one.   I think it has to do with the fact that I live in a cold spot in Montana.   We are still getting frost, and it can happen any time in the summer.   Our local is a sink hole for cold weather, and it makes growing things a real challenge.    Though we are well into June the local farmers here are still only selling bedding plants.   We are lucky in that a couple of farmers from warmer areas have figured out that bringing their produce to our market gives them a huge captive audience.    Many farmer’s markets have a few local bakers, home canners, and crafters.   We have a very large collection of them to make up for the absence of produce.

We came home with a few morel mushrooms, a few bedding plants and a bar of homemade soap.   It was a good day at the market.