Stop Chasing the Cute One

Cute Chicks Sway Me!

Cute Chicks Sway Me!

Women can be quite snarky about another woman who is good looking.   That is where all the dumb blond jokes came from.  When men notice a nice looking woman, we often comment about what he might be thinking with, and it isn’t his brain.  I hate to admit but I too have been chasing the “good looking” chicks.

For years I have been trying all different sorts of of breeds of chickens.  I am constantly trying out all the cute, pretty and unusual chicks.   If they are considered an egg layer and someone suggests they might forage, develop some meat on their bones,  and not have  too aggressive of a personality, I wanted them.   I like nice easy chicks, and if they have big breasts it made them nicer.  Picking my birds this way has  let to  quite an assortment chicks who have come through the door of my coop  over the years.   I have tried them all out.  Some have been one-time wonders and others I have invited back to visit another time or two.

This year’s birds have ate more commercial feed  than any other flock I have had.   They have a tendency to stay in the coop and eat all day at the feeder rather than get out in the pasture and forage.   The flock seems to be burning through feed  almost as fast as I can buy it.   Most summers I go through about 50 pounds of feed for the whole season.   This last 100 pounds disappeared  in just a couple of weeks.   When you buy good quality feed and the birds do little foraging, your eggs  very quickly  become expensive.  It was my light bulb moment when the I hit the bottom of the garbage can I store my feed in.  I realized I am not bringing the right chicks home anymore.  I am being swayed by the cute one and not thinking with my analytical   brain.   I need to stop chasing the cute ones and stick with the ladies who can make me breakfast and then be there for dinner too.

Next year I will be going back the chicks who are keepers.   I want girls who lay lots of  large eggs in the morning, will forage well all day, and  fill out nicely for a dinner.    No more chasing  the “good looking” chicks.

9 comments on “Stop Chasing the Cute One

  1. Too funny! Actually I like my chicks rather small with good egg-laying (we keep Bantams) but the farmer wants the chicks to have bigger boobs. TYPICAL MAN!!!!

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