Rhubarb Season

My rhubarb

My rhubarb

Well sort of.  Mine is still leaves just poking out of the ground, but for lots of folks the season of the “pie plant” is upon us.  

I have tried over and over in my dry poor soil to get rhubarb to take and as of now have only succeeded once.  I have read everything about how to improve my success and tried almost every suggestion hairbrained or not.

I have now decided to try a different approach.   Instead of buying little plants grown who knows where and trying to get it to take,   I put a posting on Craig’s list offering a bag of soil in exchange for anyone who wants to get rid of rhubarb they may have at their home.   We will go dig the plants they no longer want and put a bag of  soil in the hole we leave behind.  Sounds like a winner to me.   Whatever they get it  is already proven in this climate.   The cost of a bag of soil is less than the cost of an unproven potted plant.     Their soil may be different than what I have, but I am banking on my  personal compost to give my soil enough enrichment to make it take.

Today I got an email from someone who is interested in my swap.   Cross your fingers that I may end up with enough rhubarb that in the not to distant future I can have all the pie, crisp, cobbler, bread, stew, jam and anything else I can think of made with rhubarb I grew.

5 comments on “Rhubarb Season

  1. I have some in the freezer and have made a pie for Donnie and some rhubarb crisp for Big Steve. Would like to have some more for my freezer if possible.

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