Introducing the Norwegian Jaerhon chicken

Norwegian Jaerhon chicken at 9 weeks.

Norwegian Jaerhon chicken at 9 weeks.

I am always trying new chicken breeds.   This year of my first-timers is the Norwegian Jaerhon chicken.  My reasons for trying this breed are many.   Some good and some just plain whimsical.

  • I chose this bird because it started in Norway.  That translates into Montana cold hearty.  
  • They are supposed to be good egg layers, my main reason for having chickens.  
  • Some websites suggest that they are good foragers.   I love birds who are good foragers.   As free range foragers they produce eggs that have brighter yellow yolks, with better nutritional value.  
  • Lastly the pictures of the bird are unusual and that fascinating me.

It is too early to tell that how this is all going to work out.   I can tell you that this photo doesn’t do her justice.   She is one of the prettiest birds I have ever had.   I love her nearly golden head and neck with a grey speckled body that is nearly a steely blue.   She is on the small side compared to what I usually select in breeds.

She is not a social bird like I am used to having, and almost stand offish.     This year’s flock is so heavily weighted to males that it is hard to tell if she is hiding from the males  and that is part of her problem.   This may also contribute to the fact I seldom see her out foraging as well.

It is still early and time will tell if this bird is a one hit wonder or it it will be something that I repeat over and again.

7 comments on “Introducing the Norwegian Jaerhon chicken

    • I got her from Ideal poultry via US mail. I have to say she is one beautiful bird. I can’t wait to see what she lays like. She is still pretty anti-social, but then I don’t work too hard at making friends.

  1. What a lovely chicken she is. Your post made me curious – well, almost anything chicken-related makes me curious – and looked the breed up on where a reviewer said:

    “Excellent egg layers, very good feed/egg conversion, good foragers, easily tamed, resistant to Marek’s, fast feathering & maturing, sex linked ”
    “Difficult to keep in small runs as they need covered runs to keep them from flying over the fence (they’re incredible flyers)”

    So, maybe there’s hope for befriending her! I hope you keep us posted on her progress.

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