Notice to Congress: I do my job. I expect you to do yours.

OMG time from another Capitol Hill hearing or investigation.    Time to pull together a bunch of like minded thinkers waste days asking questions to prove they are right.   Everything with the purpose to prove  folks who don’t think like them are evil, corrupt and need to go.  This process is happening in every group on the hill.  I don’t think that there is a person above that behavior at this time in Washington DC.

The whole point of this post is one of the most important things I think congress is charged with doing, is managing our money and making the law of the land.   Instead the thing I most often see and hear about is congress is setting up another hearing.   They will spend hours in front of the press puffing out their chests in self-importance.   Honestly what are they going to do, demand someone is fired.  They don’t have that power over John Smith working for the IRS, Hillary Clinton who has since left her job, or the person at the Justice Department who signed off invading the AP.   I am outraged and appalled by all of it, but congress is not going to fix it.   They can’t even reconcile the federal checkbook, let along put together a budget.   Instead they spend hours with a billion committees and subcommittees with everyone the head of at least one. No sense in leaving anyone out.  Do they ever ask themselves really what is my job here?

Anyone is believes their favorite Senator or Congressional Representative  are above this behavior, I think is wrong.   Their silence  is condoning this behavior, failure to say “This isn’t our job.  Lets do what we were sent here to do and go home.”   I akin it to bullying.  How many kids know it is wrong, but don’t speak up or do anything.   These adults are the same.   It takes real conviction to refuse a committee seat if really serves no purpose other than to belong or to build political capital you can cash in on in the future. We wonder why our kids don’t have backbone and conviction.   What kind of behavior are we modeling for them.   Go along with the crowd.  Pack up with only those who think like you do.    Bashing publicly those who you disagree with.

Those of us working know we have a job to do.   Our employer expects us to do our job.   I hired my Washington representatives and as their employer I say to them do your job,  socialize on your own time.  All those committees appear to me as social time, because you are not getting you job done.

One comment on “Notice to Congress: I do my job. I expect you to do yours.

  1. I think you’re absolutely right! I am ashamed for every one of them, and I’m seriously frightened where it’s all going to wind up. May God help us, but I’m afraid he’s lost patience.

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