Sunburn – Ouch!

I am very careful with the sun.    I wear hats, sunscreen and  UV clothing.  I make annual pilgrimages to the dermatologist to get my moles measured and monitored.   It is almost that time again for that annual check up.   Yesterday I got out late to do my training walk.   I had six miles to get in.   It was overcast, but I knew that did not matter.   I put on the sunscreen and headed out.   Unfortunately I forgot my top had a keyhole in the back.  Big oversight.  Now I have a mega sunburn.

In the 50’s, 60’s and even early 70’s we did not know all the dangers of the sun.   Today we do.   Let this be a reminder to all of you.   Wear sunscreen and cover up.   Be safe, so some day you are not sorry.

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