Kids Make You Old

stick-familyOr maybe it is not having them keeps you young.  So much of life is measured by milestones but you don’t much think about them.  Unless that is, you skipped a bunch of aging milestones because you had no children.

Mr. Ranger Sir and I had no children.  We have missed all those milestones that parents measure life against, graduations, marriages, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  All those moments when you reflected and said “Holy Cow, where did the time go?”  or  “Our kids can’t be that old already.”  We never had a full nest to experience an empty nest.

We have had  different milestones.   We think about where did we live  or what job did one of us have when that happened.   But none of those are related to our age.  My brothers regardless of their age or birth order are all older than me.   They have had so many of life’s milestones I haven’t.   Their children have made them old in more ways than one.

Now we are starting to look at external aging milestones.   We have been planning for retirement for years, but it now on the horizon.   It is a milestone we can’t avoid and it will say yes we are getting older – kids or not.