It Is What It Is

Some times life makes you want to pound your head on the desk, but it is what it is.

Some times life makes you want to pound your head on the desk, but it is what it is.

This is one of those things that comes out of my mouth several times each day.  I am a severe type A personality and spent years on the corporate fast race track.   15 years ago I chucked it all when I made the life altering decision to leave that lifestyle behind.   When one does this kind of life  shift, you do not change from a type A to some kind of Laissez-faire personality.  You make many plans and lay out a life plan  that you think that will give you control and success in your new non-corporate lifestyle.    Yet each turn the best laid plans don’t play out the way you had anticipated.   You  improvise, change and try to resume control with each unexpected turn that your life takes.   As fast as you change, life changes faster.

I have discovered you can either re-introduce all the stress you left behind back into your life or you figure out how to cope and put balance into life. Enter my mantra “It is what it is.” I don’t know that if fits the definition of a true mantra, but it reminds me to stop and think.   I  ask myself is this under my control or not.    If I can’t control it, then I say “it is what it is”  to remind me it is out of my control.    I can spend  my energies trying to undo, fix or change the outcome, but in reality there is nothing I can do but manage how I react.  the deed is done.    I can become frustrated, stressed, angry, or tons of other emotional reactions, none that particularly good for a person.   Or I  can look at it and ask myself how I want to react to it.  What kind of energy do I want to put in to reacting to a situation.   Sometimes I give myself a few minutes to ponder how someone can be so stupid, inconsiderate, selfish, or other version of name calling I participate in.      I release all the pent up energy I have and then redirect myself to decided can if I prevent it from happening again or is it one of those things that the only control I have is how I react.   


5 comments on “It Is What It Is

  1. My favorite phrase I repeat to myself is, “Let it go. Just let it go.” When I’m stewing over something and it’s causing me anxiety, I try to think, “Let it go.” Often it works; sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s a good reminder that it’s often not worth worrying so much. I like your idea, too.

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