Yogurt – take 1

Only 3 ingredients: milk, cream and live cultures

Only 3 ingredients: milk, cream and live cultures

I go in streaks with yogurt.   Some times I eat it every day and other times you can only find an outdated moldy container in my refrigerator.  I think most of this  centers around my preference for Greek yogurt.   Not Greek style, but true strained yogurt.      The removal of the excess moisture makes it thick like sour cream and , if drained long enough it becomes almost like softened cream cheese.   Creating that dense dairy product also boosts the nutritional value of it.   You get more calcium and protein than a regular yogurt.      Almost all the stuff in grocery stores have been altered to artificially create an near Greek  yoghurt.    If you look on the ingredients list on those containers found in the grocery store you will find they are thickened with agents such as gelatin, starches or things you can’t pronounce.    The protein is boosted by the use of dried milk proteins or other “goodies.”

This means when yogurt comes into my house the first thing I do is dump it in a strainer. I let it sit overnight and let most of the whey drain away.    Once it is strained I dump it back into the container and it is ready for use.      Friends and now some of my blog buddies have got me thinking that I should try my hand at making my own yogurt.    I just tried making my own homemade yogurt.   This first try making my own home-made yogurt bombed.  I suspect it is like making bread, it takes a bit to get the hang of, but once you do it a skill you will have for life.   So it is back to the internet to read more about this and try again.


3 comments on “Yogurt – take 1

  1. I love making my own yogurt. I make it in the crockpot and it is so tangy and smooth I prefer it to store-bought yogurt (even though that is so nicely packaged and convenient!). The best part is being able to turn it into sour cream and cream cheese. I still haven’t determined the best way to get “flavored” yogurt easily – jam, pureed frozen fruit and such work, I just haven’t been completely thrilled with the results. I look forward to hearing about your continued experimentation.

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